Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lazy day

L is at his dad's house this weekend and while I miss his sweet spirit and hilarious mouth the calm is nice. Spending time with my little is nice. I am realizing that baby H isn't as difficult as I thought and perhaps he is just competing with his older brother for attention. He has been so laid back all day and I can bet he realizes that he has my undivided attention so he doesn't feel the desire to nurse every 20 seconds and scream when not being looked at. I wonder how different he would be if he were an only child or a first born. Damn birth order drama.
Ed and I talked a tiny bit last night and agreed to write out our disagreement about homeschooling. I do much better staying calm, and cool when I am writing. I tend to be a bit of a hot-head (a sexy hot-head of course).
So as today is a lazy day I have been doing a little research on homeschooling stats. Being an ABA geek, I LOVE stats. I found this on and I LOVE how it lays it all out.
I really enjoy the socialization factor although I wonder how on earth that is scored. Check out the differences in standardized test taking......why would I want my child to be average when they can be far above average?  I wish this had a stat for parental relationship. I can't wait to see what will happen to our relationship as my boys get older without their peers telling them that they are supposed to hate their parents.
Homeschool Domination

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