Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You too can push gender stereotypes on your children!

I spend too much time on facebook. I check in every morning while drinking my cup o joe to see what exciting things happened while I was sleeping (and by sleeping I mean nursing my 1 year old non-stop all night). I also check in to see what exciting things happen when I am working or playing with my kids. Clearly, I have no life outside of my computer and my children. I am sure you facebook addicts ( you know who you are) have noticed the ads on the side of facebook ( I know some of you are opening a new tab to go to facebook to see if I am speaking the truth).
As I am clearly obsessing about homeschooling more than is probably healthy, there are a couple of ads on the side for homeschooling sites. I clicked on today and it blew my gender neutral mind.

As you can see from this picture I took on Chels's phone at the very top it states " Clever dragons, smart fun for boys".  The page is covered in pictures of dragons and knights and all sorts of fun things. Cute you say? In the top right-hand corner there is a button that says "not a boy? Click here"
I clicked, yes I did. And this is the horror that greeted me:
Always icecream??? A scoop of laughter, a scoop of learning? Are you freaking kidding me? So let me get this straight, if you are a boy you are clever, smart, and it is perfectly acceptable to wield a sword (probably to kill those sweet looking dragons).
If you are a girl you pretty much get shit. Scoops of fucking ice cream. Which we all know will just make you fat.  What the hell does ice cream have to do with anything?
This is supposed to be a homeschooling site? Am I the only one that is desperately trying to avoid these negative gender stereotypes by not sending my boys to school?


  1. I like the way you write. I won't b sending my little girl to public School either. I have a friend that has a eight month old. Recently she told me my girl could play with boy toys but it is not as acceptable for her son to play with girl toys. What?

  2. The double standard is insane. My son's favorite color is pink and it seems to be this HUGE deal. I can guarantee that some kid (or even a teacher) would crush his little soul if he were to enter public school. I wish there were more people like you out there