Thursday, August 2, 2012

A protest filled weekend

Normally my weekends consist of working a few hours, eating out too much, and pretending that I am NOT going to delve into a bottle of wine as soon as the kids are asleep. (Hilarious)
Not this weekend. This weekend, I am going to dive deep into my crunchiness, find my inner hippie and attend 2, not 1, but 2 protests. "Shut up" you say, "You are my hippie idol" you are totally thinking in your head.

 This is totally what the protests look like in my head:
So cool right?
Here is what they will probably really be like:
That is right, me and my bored kids.

What are you protesting you might ask? Well I will tell you. 2 of the things I feel the most strongly about. Gay rights and breastfeeding rights. 
Tomorrow begins The Big Latch On which is basically women all over the world (23 countries are in on this shit!) joining together to breastfeed at the same time. Makes you non lactating women a little jealous right? Sounds super cool huh? 
Don't worry, pick a random kid and stick a boob in their mouth, that isn't creepy at all. Anyone seen "The Hand that Rocked the Cradle"- horribly cheesy 90s movie that convinced me that I would never breastfeed because it is some creepy shit. 

I digress. 
Basically it is less of a protest and more of a community of bad ass breastfeeders supporting other bad ass breast feeders and coming together  to lactate AT THE SAME TIME. Is your mind blown?

Saturday (after work) I am lugging my kids down to good ole Chik-Fil-A to show off my gayness and watch people eat chicken. My poor son is going to be PISSED that he is missing out on those waffle fries.  I know all of you with an internet connection is up and running on the wretched groups that Chik-fil-a supports so I won't rant on here. But do you research if you haven't. The hate saddens me and I love a good protest. So I will be attending my local "rally for queers at Chik-fil-a."
I think Gandhi said it best when he stated "I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

True that Yo.

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