Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kids are so much cooler than adults

We have had a great start to our week. Yesterday we went to the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History and  learned they have a great home school program that involves doing simple reports on pretty much anything you want in exchange for points that you can trade in for things like; fossils, crystals, bones, and shells. We did a scavenger hunt (and by "we" I totally mean I obsessed about finding the answers while my 4 year old looked at the cool stuff) and then L traded it in for a deer spine. Cooooooooooooll.
Then we went to Ikea where I spent my entire paycheck on things we desperately needed. Uh huh.

Today the boys and I went to a local park to enjoy the day. H fell asleep in the car so I told L I would watch him through the window while he played so his brother could sleep. He immediately found a small group of kids to play with. He is obviously completely socially inept.

Once H woke up we went to join his brother but he was way too busy playing to be bothered by his mom and bro *sob*. So I listened quietly to their play as I follow H around as he tried to break his neck on the play ground equipment. This is what I heard: Kid "I started kindergarten yesterday." L:" Oh was it fun or scary?" Kid: "It was both, do you go to school?" L:" I do homeschool, it is like school but at home." Kid: "Lucky."

Had this conversation occurred between 2 adults there would have been a thousand or more questions about "how will he be socialized, how will you teach upper level math, what about sports, band, and theater, how will he go to college if he can't learn from anyone but you, are you trying to just control everything about his upbringing, do you want him to live with you forever?!!!!???!!!"

(L in 25 years) 

Kids are so much cooler than that, the kid on the playground today didn't see anything wrong with L being schooled at home, he didn't find him lacking in any way socially, he wasn't worried about L living in my basement in 20 years. He was just living in the moment and enjoying a new friend. 
When did we start fucking everything up and making it so complicated?

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